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Dec 6, 2004 07:06 PM

Meyer lemons just appeared in my market-

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anyone have a special recipe??

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  1. Meyer lemons are truly a fine example of hybridization -- really a delicious fruit. Sunset Magazine did an article on them a few years ago, so you might check out their website.

    I love a Lemon Merinque Pie made from Meyers. Just reduce the sugar to 1/2 or 2/3 of what your recipe calls for since they're substantially sweeter than the Eurekas you buy in most markets. They also make superior lemonade and WONDERFUL marmalade. The only improvement on the standard marmalade recipe would be to add a little lavender to it. Oh, and Meyers are great for candied lemon peel, too.

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      My favorite use of Meyer lemons is to use them in a lemon pot de creme. Although not the recipe I use, this one looks fine. The suggestion I have, though, is to serve it warm, rather than chilling it. Warm pot de creme is ethereal and enhances the aromatic qualities unique to Meyer lemons.

      If you want to go simple, Meyer lemons make outrageously good lemon bars -- just remember Dorothy's tip about reducing the sugar.


    2. Scroll down. There were a bunch of suggestions for the use of lemons about a month ago. Not specifically Meyers but you might find something useful.

      By the way, I just bottled my first batch of Limoncello and boy is it good.

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        Mmmm! Would you like to post your recipe for Limoncello? Thanks!

        1. re: dixieday

          Follow this link.

          I also followed the same recipe using chokecherries. A bit too sweet to drink alone but it will make a great Kir Royale. I bottle the cranberry version this weekend.


      2. I haven't started to cook with them yet, but I recently got a Meyere Lemon tree from a place online. Cheap and they actually shipped it to me in the mail (it's about 4 ft tall). I posted the link below.