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Jan 20, 2004 07:04 PM

Hand-pulled Noodles?

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Does anyone know of a place where you can get good hand-pulled noodles? Asian,Italian, it's all good. Preferably prepared "dry",i.e., not in a soup, and large and chewy. Probably the best I've had in the bay area are at Fatima's.

By the way, the best noodle dish I've had is in Berkeley, at the Mandarin House in Durant Square. Ask for the Mongolian Beef Noodle, but beware, it's very spicy. Good noodle texture as well.

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  1. Are you talking about hand-pulled, or knife-cut? I would expect knife-cut at Fatima. I've been looking for hand-pulled, myself.

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    1. re: Gary Soup

      i think you can get the dried handpulled noodles at san tung on irving near 11th. also try the korean restaurant two sisters around 5th and clement.

      1. re: Gary Soup

        I love the noodles at Fatima too, but I believe they are knife-cut.

      2. Happy Family, on Telegraph at about 43d street in North Oakland, has hand-pulled noodles (it is a Korean-Chinese place, and I recommend it highly).

        They have opened a branch called Slurp. It is noodles only; it is on Telegraph near UC. I have not been there.

        1. There are several Chinese hand-pulled noodle places which I think are decent:

          (1) Golden City(?) (Gum Sing in Chinese) on Irving, between 23rd & 24th. It's a Shangdong place. They make their own handpulled noodles. They serve them both stir-fried & in soup. The noodle texture is chewy and tender...great texture. The sauces & soups in this place are decent...try the noodles in beef stew soup. You can also buy the noodles fresh. I think they were $1.25 for a square box the last time I bought them over a year ago. (About a lb) You'd have to cook it almost the same day, since they are not preserved in anyway. This place also has good shangdong dumplings (Shui Goa).

          (2) Ming's on San Mateo Ave in San Bruno makes their own handpulled noodles. It's a cantonese place, but since the Chef used to work at San Wong in Japantown, he learned a few shangdong cuisines. The dumpling wrappers here are really thin and chewy. People I know would order their stir fried handpulled noodles with three meats (Som See Sow Lye Mien). These are huge orders. I think the taste is a bit bland and a little heavy on the msg. However, the noodles are great. Maybe you can ask them to go lighter on the msg and work on the flavors.

          (3) One of my favorite place for handpulled noodles is Feng Shang (sp) on 4th Avenue in San Mateo. It's across the street from the San Mateo Joy Luck. (Next to the shoe store on the other corner). I love their special handpulled noodle soup. (house special? It's call Chow Ma Mien in Chinese). The broth is concentrated, with lots of seafood and vegi's. I know they are struggling and I don't know how long they'll be able to hang in there. Was it this board where someone said they saw the entire staff from Feng Shang peering from their window at the hoards of people waiting to get into Joy Luck? Anyway, I highly encourge you to try their noodles before they quit, if it comes to pass. Also, friends of mine from the peninsula had hosted parties at this restaurant where the chef would come out and perform the noodle pulling for the party. Ask the host if you are interested.


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          1. re: Margret

            Thanks. I've been looking for la mian in SF in particular (being blissfully car-free for the past 30 years).

            The place you mentioned IS Golden City, at 2253 Irving (I looked it up in Streets & Trips).


            1. re: Margret

              Great post, Margret. I've only read negative stuff about Fung Shang, and now it seems you've unlocked the secret of what they're good at. Great chowhounding!

              Here's the Chron review - none of the dishes selected sound interesting at all -

              Happy New Year!


            2. Ryowa (Japanese ramen shop) in Mountain View (and I also believe the one in Berkeley)...last time I went there if you paid about $1 or so extra you could upgrade your noodles to hand-made (the regular noodles they use are machine made) and yes indeedy they taste better.

              1. There's a Chinese restaurant in Fremont that has hand pulled noodles. It's called Yen Ching, 1616 Washington Blvd (near Hwy 680), Fremont. 510-490-8381. Sun-Thurs 11:30am-9:30pm, Fri-Sat 11:30am-10pm

                I haven't eaten there in a long time but I took a takeout menu. Lunch specials served from 11:30am-2:30pm they have under the hand pulled noodles section:
                Szechuan noodles $6.50 *(indicates hot & spicy)
                triple treasure brown sauce noodles 6.50
                triple delight soup noodles 6.50
                triple treasure soup noodles 6.5
                brown cooked beef soup noodles 6.5
                fried pork chop w/ soup noodles 6.5
                wor won ton soup noodles 6.5
                hot & sour soup noodles 6.5 *(indicates hot & spicy)
                pork & Szechuan pickle soup noodles 6.5
                beef chow fun 6.5
                chicken chow fun 6.5
                sesame noodles 6.5
                combination stir-fried hand pulled noodles $7
                seafood stir-fried hand pulled noodles $7.5

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                1. re: Arlene

                  I've been there a few times and the noodles are pretty good. Let me do the secret English menu translation below:

                  triple treasure brown sauce noodles is actually the Gan Zha Jiang Mian.

                  triple xxx soup noodles - one of them is the Cao Ma Mian or better know as Spicy Seafood noodle soup. The other may be the non-spicy version.

                  Most of the standard Korean-Chinese dishes are good. But I wouldn't recommend the combo stir-fried noodles.