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Dec 6, 2004 04:01 PM

Double Black Soy Sauce--what to do with it?

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Went to 99 Ranch Market this weekend, and as usual we came home loaded with things we've never tried before.
We were really curious about the Double Black Soy Sauce. It's very, very molassesy. What would one use this for?

We also bought just a dark soy sauce, which also tasted of molassses, but only said sugar on the label. Is this molasses taste typical? We'd bought the Kimlan brand dark soy sauce before and it tasted much different than the one we bought this weekend (can't remember the brand, but it said 'premium' on it). The Kimlan tasted more like Japanese soy sauce with no hint of molasses.

Thanks for your help.

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  1. What to do with it? Let 10,000 recipes bloom! If what you have is Koon Chun Sauce Factory Double Black Soy Sauce then you have the best dark soy sauce made. (Stand back from the onrush of defenders of Pearl River Bridge's Mushroom Soy.) Use it in any recipe that calls for dark soy. My favourite thing to do with Double Black is Master Sauce Chicken. A chicken is simmered in a mixture of dark soy, Shaoxing wine and Chinese rock sugar until it is just tender and coloured a deep reddish brown. It is basically red cooked chicken but the sauce is then saved and used again and again to cook poultry and meats. It gets deeper and richer with every use, and the occasional refreshment of the original ingredients. I once kept one going for almost five years. I use the recipe from "Asian Ingredient" by Bruce Cost which I hesitate to reproduce because of copyrights. Perhaps someone else has a recipe they can contribute.

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      All Pearl River Bridge Brand is it is cheap and availbale everywhere.

      I happen to like Koon Chun brand. It is a much older brand with a long history. Also it is available in large can also for those who cook large amounts.

      1. re: yimster

        Now, now. Don't be ragging on the people's collective work brigade at Pearl River. Their "Golden Label Superior Soy" is the best basic Chinese Soy Sauce you can buy. And they make a shrimp flavoured soy sauce that is a transcendant condiment to seafood dishes. If you have to go to a Chinese shop to buy something you know absolutely nothing about, you are pretty safe choosing something from either the Koon Chun or Pearl River product line.

        1. re: brookmonton

          Thanks to both of you for your comments--that recipe you gave sounds delicous, brookmonton. We were afraid that the molasses flavour of the Double Black would dominate everything else. Your recommendations encourage me to try without fear.

          I'm happy to say that the Double Black Soy we got was the Koon Chun, though the other ones we got were Pearl River. I think we're going to be in that area again soon, so can pick up a couple of other Koon Chun varieties and do our own taste testing.

          We've been working our way through Fuscia Dunlop's Land of Plenty and are having fun educating ourselves about at least one kind of Chinese cuisine so far. Thanks again.

          1. re: Laurella

            The sweet soy sauce is used in "Red Cooking" of meat. It is added to the braising pot for cooking pork and duck.

            The Shanghai Pork Trotters use this sweet soy sauce. The wife is not here right now but I think the name she used is something like the "cooked down sugar sauce".

            I sorry to say that I do not cook by written recipes but by feel. We just got a roast duck yesterday and I have to written down the Duck broth Yee Foo Won Ton recipe and it I can find this sauce in the market than I will do a pork trotters with the sweet soy sauce. I will be at 99 Ranch today anyway.

            Recipes to follow soon I hope.

          2. re: brookmonton

            I should have been more clear about my problems with Preal River Bridge. I have use to buy as our main brand. But recently a couple of products from Mainland China has had quality control problems and some were called. Preal River Bridge Gold Label was one of them. So we have have been skipping on the brand lately.

            This information was reported in the Sing Tao Daily which is a Hong Kong based newspaper. So we have returned to the old brands. So lately in the Bay Area Preal River Bridge is on sale and there is a lot available. Which is why I made my remark.

            In the last couple years there have been a few times when products from Mainland China have been written up to be passed on in this Newspaper. Never a word from the Mainland press.

            1. re: yimster

              Most of the Chinese community is aware of the different quality of so-called "Pearl River Bridge" products. Here's a link to a how-to-spot-the-fake guide.


      2. Great for braising, common in Hokkien/Fujian cooking. Also use in combination with the lighter soy sauces for a darker colour and slightly different flavour.