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Dec 6, 2004 02:53 PM

Tips and Recipes for a new food processor owner

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Well, I just got home and found a new cuisinart food processor on my front porch. An early xmas present from my folks. I had just picked up the ingredients for my grandmother's chicken and noodles and was about to make the noodles by hand but I'm making that my first project for the processor. It arrived just in time! What other exciting dishes or ideas can I do with this thing? TIA!

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  1. We make this pizza dough from scratch with our Cuisineart at least once a month. We have some dough waiting for us for dinner tonight!

    This is a sort of "cheating" recipe for chocolate pots de creme. Its super easy and tastes great, even when I don't bother with the homemade whipped cream. I pour it into teacups - its just the perfect size for this intense rich dessert.