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Dec 6, 2004 12:14 PM

red snapper recipes needed

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I have some beautiful red snapper filets for use tonight that I had my fish guy cut right off the newly-deceased fish. Good ideas that are light (not fried) and using pantry ingredients?

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  1. we like snapper with panko. I use a very light skim of mayo as the glue, dredge in panko and bake until golden.

    1. Two nights ago I made snapper Valenciana.

      The sauce is garlic, onion, canned tomatoes, white wine, good olives (mixed is okay), capers, juice and zest of an orange, fresh rosemary, olive oil. Make the sauce in a wide saute pan, then poach the fish, covered, gently on top until done.

      1. I posted a recipe a couple of weeks ago for a super simple, yet very tasty fish dish that I adapted from a Marcella Hazan recipe. I made it with halibut (the original recipe called for blue fish), but I think it would equally as well with red snapper. Here's the link to the recipe:


        1. I love steaming snapper in an oven "en papillote" (French for "in parchment"). It's easy and delicate. I don't use a recipe, just improvise, so here's a recipe from to give you an idea of the method.

          I might use foil (suggested in this recipe) for a regular meal, but if I were entertaining, I would use the traditional parchment since it looks impressive for guests.

          I also steam a side dish in the same pouch; just place fillet atop the veggies and cut paper larger to accommodate more ingredients. For this season: green beans, black olives, sliced red bell pepper, and fingerling potatoes sliced in half lengthwise. Have also used zucchini, spinach, asparagus, even half-cooked risotto. Also include thyme sprigs. Season w/ S&P, olive oil. Put fish on top, season w/ S&P and oil. Arrange a few thin lemon slices on top and wrap up.

          Although this recipe says to cook for 5 min. on 500, I've always cooked mine around 375-400 for at least 15 min., which allows enough time for the veggies to cook through.


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            Jennie Sheeks

            This is my favorite way to do snapper. In addition to your beautiful pieces of fish, you'll need:
            - a few blanched new potatoes, sliced
            - a white onion, sliced
            - handful of fresh cilantro leaves(though other herbs will work like thyme, parsley, chervil, tarragon)
            - a lime or lemon wedge
            - a few tablespoons of white wine
            - butter
            - salt & pepper
            - aluminum foil

            Rub your foil with butter, leaving about a one inch margin around the edges. On one half of the foil, do a layer or two of potato & onion slices and cilantro, seasoned with salt & pepper. Lay the fish on top, salt & pepper again, cover with onions and cilantro, dot with a little butter, drizzle with white wine and juice from your lime or lemon wedge. Fold the foil over and seal the edges, bake at about 350 or so for about 20 minutes.