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Dec 6, 2004 12:08 PM

Boneless, skinless chicken breasts; can of San Marzano tomatoes and garlic

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These are the base ingredients I have. Can anybody suggest a good recipe that will include them and any additional ingredients?

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  1. Brown the chicken breast in olive oil over med heat. Remove. Add garlic and leeks and soften. Deglaze with white wine, add tomatoes and saffron. Cook until saucy. Salt to taste. Return chicken to pan with the sauce, cover and cook an additional 10 mins or so, until the chicken is uniformly firm when pressed.

    This is good with couscous or boiled potatoes.

    1. This is sort of cacciatore meets Milanese:

      "Butterfly" the breasts w/ a knife so they are half as thin and even. S&P and then coat in following in this order: flour, beaten egg, store-bought breadcrumbs mixed w/ dried or fresh parsley.

      In a pan w/ olive oil, fry on med heat on both sides til nice and golden (doesn't have to be cooked through at this point). Remove from pan.

      In same pan w/ more oil, add diced onion and garlic, saute for few min. Deglaze pan w/ splash of red wine. Add tomatoes (if whole, then simply squish w/ your hands to break up--watch out for squirting juice!). Add S&P and any Italian seasonings. Let simmer for 10-15, then add red pepper flakes for a kick and pinch of sugar if needed. Return chicken to finish cooking and heating through.

      Garnish w/ fresh parsley and parmesan and serve over pasta (I like linguine or spaghetti). Squeeze of fresh lemon is also nice. I've done this w/ pork as well. Buon appetito!

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        I make this dish often but I usually just flour the chicken cutlets and skip the egg wash and bread crumbs stages. Next time I will try it your way.

        FYI, I usually flatten my chicken breasts more with a meat pounder after butterflying them.