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Dec 6, 2004 08:32 AM

Corn Tortillas - in quesadillas?

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I often use up leftover chicken, turkey, steak in quesadillas made with flour tortillas. I have some corn tortillas I need to use up and some roast chicken looking for a home. Think corn tortillas would work OK or should I head to Publix for flour tortillas?

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  1. Corn should be delicious

    1. My mom always made quesadillas with corn tortillas and cheese when we were growing up. No one ever heard of them made with flour torts until more recently. They should be very good.

      1. I grew up in a Texas border town - both there and 'across' (in Mexico) quesadillas were ALWAYS corn tortillas. Toast the quesadillas till you get a few brown spots on the tortillas to bring out the best corn flavor.

        Corn tortillas are also 'naturally' fat-free, unlike most flour tortillas.

        1. You may want to soften them up on BOTH sides of each tortilla in hot oil for a minute before making them into quesadillas. While they will work, they are not as immediately flexible as flour tortillas. And, the dry corn texture and flavor is more evident if not first softened in oil (or butter)

          Also, if you have more time, they work great in a small casserole. Just layer like a lasagna with your ingredients. Can be done in a shallow soup bowl that is oven proof. Also, can even use the egg and ricotta layer like in a lasagna and mix in spanish rice seasoning. Use red enchilada sauce or the green chili "salsa verde." I'd be happy to share the recipe I used after boiling down the last of the turkey for broth after Thanksgiving dinner. Got almost a 1-1/2 pounds of turkey meat from it to make the casserole. Little prep time; 30 min. bake time.

          1. They'll be good, I make them with corn all the time.

            But... consider making chilaquiles instead. I think the end result will be more delicious than corn tortilla quesadillas.