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Dec 5, 2004 05:59 PM

singapore noodles recipe?

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i say the rant on the general board which got me thinking how much i love this dish. any hounds have a great recipie?

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  1. This is the curry stir fried rice noodles with baby shrimps right?

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      correct. with shrimp or pork.

    2. I don't use a recipe but here is how I make them. Quantities you'll have to figure out based on your own tastes.
      Saute onion in wok. Add 3 eggs and scramble with the onions. Add juliened carrots, julliened red pepper and beansprouts. Add curry paste mixed with a little hot water so paste is a bit runny.add rice noodles that have been very quickly boiled (a minute or 2)Add chopped green onion. Add cooked shrimp (lots of shrimp). Add oil throughout as needed. Also add more curry paste after noodles. I have been making these for 20 years and people love them. The secret is to use curry paste, not powder. Enjoy.

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        Our recipe is very close to yours. I to do not use measurement just what I have and how I feel.

        Cooked scramble eggs cut into strips
        Baby shrimp
        Strips of BBQ Pork
        Bean Sprouts
        Strips of carrots, shitake mushroom, onion, green onion, green and red bell pepper
        Curry paste mixed with a little chicken broth
        Rice noodles

        We do not boil the noodles because the tend to break apart if you have a heavy hand during the cooking process. We soak the dried noodles in hot water for a couple of minutes just prior to cooking. The hot water starts the cooking process and they hold together much better.

        I normally cook each of the ingredients a little oil, garlic and ginger (expect for the bean sprouts) prior to completing the cooking process.

        I then take add oil and garlic ot a wok and start cooking and before the garlic starts to burn I add the rice noodles and as much or as little of each the ingredients. Let cook fo a few seconds and than add the curry mixture toss away until hot. Add the bean sprouts last (we like our sprout so be crispy and a little on the raw side). Serve at once.

        I friend once took me that if you love to eat you will follow a recipe once and from then on you will make changes each time you make the dish until you have develop the prefect dish in you own mind.