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Dec 5, 2004 02:31 PM

Stuffing a capon

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I have a 9.5 pound capon in the freezer that I would like to make for a Channukah dinner next weekend. Although I've roasted plenty of chicken, I have no experience stuffing birds in general, and certainly not one this size.

Any stuffing recipes and prep/cooking tips would be greatly appreciated. I'm interested in any ideas, but particularly recipes that would lend a middle eastern flavor to the dish (for instance, using prunes).

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  1. Never had capon before, but it sounds good. I remembered seeing a capon recipe in a Saveur issue a while back (see link). Although most of the stuffing is not stuffed inside the bird, the technique that is used here sounds really delicious, allowing the pan drippings to infuse the bread underneath the bird. Sounds very rustic and more safe and quick than a stuffed bird.


    1. This won't help you, but it is interesting...did you know that in Canada it is illegal to caponize a chicken? Don't know why that is, but you will be hard pressed to find one up here! More strange food trivia :-)

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      1. re: Cynthia

        Illegal in the UK as well.

        My butcher still sells it and tells me he gets it from an illegal capon farm.

        I have no idea why it is banned and would like to know the reason

        1. re: Cynthia
          Larry Lustig

          Animal rights issues, one presumes.

          1. re: Larry Lustig

            In that case, it's interesting how much beef (from steers -- castrated bulls) Canada sells. Roosters have more rights than bulls, it seems...

            1. re: Karl S.

              Funny! (Ay, the politics of food.)