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Dec 4, 2004 12:20 PM

meals that freeze well

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Holidays are coming, and I have a relative who every year looks forward to my gift - a bunch of home cooked meals that I put in individual containers for her to freeze and microwave anytime she needs a homecooked meal. i also do this for all her b-day, and mothers day, so im running out of ideas, and im looking for new things to make her. in the past ive done soups, eggplant parm, garlic bread, homemade pizza, vegetarian chili...

So any ideas what i can add to my repertoir (sp?) to make things more interesting? Preferably meat-free. Side dishes too, since I like to give a main dish and a side. They must freeze well for at least a few months.


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  1. What a lovely thing to do.
    I made Bittman's grandma-style bolognese baked ziti-it was in the Times maybe 5 Wed. ago-but you can search on line - froze some portions. Reheated well, even in m/w and tasted even better than when fresh.

    1. k
      Karen Ingram

      Quiches, zucchini pie, tuna casserole are main entrees that freeze pretty well; stewed vegs as side dishes.If you want a recipe/s I could e-mail them.

      1. I usually make vegetable lasagna (of course you could use any lasagna recipe). I let it cool, then cut it into large squares, each equal to 1 serving. I then freeze them in individual ziplock baggies. This makes it super easy to heat them up.

        1. j
          Jennie Sheeks

          I've had great luck freezing mashed potatoes. I just thaw them and reheat in a baking dish in the oven for about 20 minutes.

          Steamed rice freezes and reheats well in the microwave. Maybe you could do somekind of veggie rice bowl.

          Vegetable curry or dal would be nice, as would burritos or enchiladas. If she likes sweets, maybe some individually wrapped brownies or bar cookies.

          I've found ideas and resources for freezer friendly cooking by googling for OAMC or Once A Month Cooking websites.