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Dec 4, 2004 10:32 AM

aidell meat cookbook

  • j

I'm wondering what people think of the complete meat cookbook by Bruce Aidell. It seems good for information on, well, meat, but how good are the recipes?

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  1. The recipes are very good, mostly easy to moderate in difficulty level. Quite a few take some time in that there's often marinating or brining involved. They do require a reasonably well-stocked spice collection(but not much of the exotic); more of a problem for me is that many recipes use alcoholic spirits that I tend not to have on hand(but there are plenty of recipes that don't use them.) Everything I've cooked from the book has been very tasty.

    1. I really like the book. Good information on meats (especially some of the lesser-known cuts)and almost worth the price for the temperature doneness chart alone. The recipes I have made have all been good to very good, with a couple of excellent ones-- try Lisa's Lazy Pot Roast. That has become a standard at our house.

      1. I concur with the other posts -- the recipes are very good. This has become one of my favorite cookbooks.

        -- Paul