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Dec 3, 2004 08:28 AM

rice- why Uncle Ben's?

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I make vermicelli rice (just angel hair pasta sauteed in butter until it turns brown, add the rice and chicken broth, and let sit on low heat until done). It's a pretty simple, extremely yummy, recipe that only seems to work with Uncle Ben's rice. NOTHING else. Not cheap rice, not fancy expensive, etc. Nothing else provides any flavor, usually stays hard long after it should be done, or gets really starchy. Anyone know why only Uncle Ben's would work?

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  1. Uncle Ben's is "converted" rice. That is, it's partially cooked. So that's why other rices "stay hard long after [they] should be done".

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      There are a lot of rices out there (generic brands) that are also Par-boiled(converted), but when you use Uncle Bens it always tastes better. Maybe they have some proprietary type of rice that they grow themselves???

    2. WHAT???? I've been making the rice-noodle combo for years (the ORIGINGAL so-called Rice-A-Roni, which BTW is Armenian rather than San Franciscan) and I've always used cheap, bulk long grain rice. Everyone who has eaten it enjoys it very much.