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Jan 20, 2004 02:50 PM

DELIS in South Bay

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Does anyone know of any good delis in the south bay? looking for a great pastrami sandwich and other deli fare

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  1. I do not know where to find a good pastrami sandwich.

    To me "the deli" is la Villa on Lincoln (SJ). To a co-worker, it is Antipastos on McKee (SJ).

    Chinese/Vietnamese style: King Egg Roll on Story and Ton Thq Tuong on East Santa Clara.

    Sandwiches: Harry's Hofbrau in Mountain View.

    1. A great German butcher and wurst market/deli on San Antonio Rd in Mtn. View (across from the San Antonio Shopping Center, San Antonio Rd x El Camino Real). Best wursts in the area.


      1. Also, Zanotto's di Tavola (Rosegarden section of SJ)

        1. Italian Delicatessen at 139 Main St. in downtown Los Altos is the only thing I've ever found worth mentioning in the Bay Area.

          (My criteria is someplace I can get a hoagie like the ones I would get when I was growing up... not so much a NY jewish deli as an Italian or Greek deli...)

          1. La villa in willow glen is awesome. Espostos in crystal springs is good too.