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Dec 1, 2004 11:46 PM

Kobe and Buffalo Burgers

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I love a great burger. Just wondering how much different the tastes of these two burgers are in comparison to the traditional burger I love - 1/2lb fresh hand pattied chuck (85%/15%)cooked medium rare on a char-broiler...Not a griddle or conventional broiler!

This summer I had the perfect opportunity to try a buffalo burger in Denver..But, I never got to go to the place on Larimer Square that specialized in them.

As far as a Kobe burger, never even got close to trying one yet.

Thanks for any comments.

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  1. Buffalo burgers are challenging--the meat is very lean and can get tough very fast. When done right, they are delicious. There was a nice thread about cooking buffalo meat a couple years back, including many helpful tips from Okie-Hound Betty. Check this out:

    Kobe burgers are basically an affectation and a waste of the meat, as far as I can tell, although some disagree. There has been a LOT of discussion of this over the years. Try, for example, this thread:

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      Buffalo is an extremely tender and lean meat that upon the taste of the pallet almost always supercedes its beef counterpart in flavor. In addition, it is healthier than chicken. There are tons of places that feature this wonderfull meat on their menus. For example, in a recent trip to Austin, TX I ate at Hutt's Burgers and they offer all their burgers to be substituted with a half-pound Buffalo Patty. It was one of the best, and they will only cook it no more than medium - a real treat!