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Dec 1, 2004 02:58 PM

Ham Shank - need help with ideas

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After having a fresh ham for thanksgiving, then eating leftovers, I need to figure out what to do with the leg bone and the leftover meat on the bone. My plan was to make a split pea soup or some kind of cannelini soup, but that seems a little boring. Since this was a fresh ham, bone in, that was roasted, I want to do it justice.

I'm finding recipes for boneless ham that has been processed. Maybe a ham hock or oxtail recipe, but with a fresh ham bone?

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  1. A fresh ham bone will not have the same characteristics as that of a cured ham, and the smoky flavor of the latter is what is wanted in those recipes you see.

    That being said, you could make pork (or pork-chicken) broth or stock for later use in Chinese soups, which often rely such broths instead of the usual broths of classic Western cooking.