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Dec 1, 2004 09:09 AM

Hoisin substitution

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I have a recipe for salmon the sauce for which calls for hoisin sauce among other things. I need to cook gluten-free tomorrow night but all the commercial hoisin sauces I've been able to find have wheat. Is there a way to approximate the flavor with ingredients I am likely to have at home?

I am more interested in reproducing the taste than necessarily creating a perfectly authentic sauce--but I don't know what hoisin sauce tastes like.

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  1. How about oyster sauce??

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    1. re: shaebones

      Re: oyster sauce
      My father is gluten-free, my mother eats kosher and therefore no shellfish. But in all other ways they are delightful.

      1. re: Buttercup
        AGM/Cape Cod

        My cousin and his wife are kosher and I get the vegetarian oyster sauce for them. I noticed when I was in the Chinese grocery a vegetarian hoisin sauce. You might check to see if it is gluten free.

      2. re: shaebones

        Oyster sauce would be too salty, I'm pretty sure; hoisin has a gentle sweetness to it.

      3. Here's an interesting chart I found when I 'googled' your question...they recommend a combo of ketchup and molasses...or bean sauce! Hoisin is delish, tho' they seem to vary from brand to brand. Substitution link below.


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          Ketchup and molasses I can handle. Thanks for the link.