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Nov 30, 2004 10:54 PM

Pre-made Waffle mix???

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I have a sudden, almost uncontrollable, urge to buy an electric waffle maker. I know, however, that I won'y use it that much if I have to mix up the batter each time. Is there a quality completely pre-made waffle mix on the market that anyone can recommend? Belgian preferred, but not that picky in this case.

If not, what's the best mix that just needs milk or water?

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  1. e
    East Point Cook

    Try Stonewall Kitchen. They have that kind of thing.
    It's a company out of York, ME of all places.
    Their food products are delicious.


    1. My favorite, where you just beat in water and an egg, is the Arrowhead Mills Multigrain pancake mix. I use the waffle recipe on the back, and the have great crunch. Thanks for reminding me I need to go out and find some!

      1. I hate to tell you this, but I like Bisquik waffles. You just add an egg, milk and a little oil to them.

        After the first time, you don't need to measure. Just pour out the mix, add an egg and a tablespoon or so of oil, and the amount of milk to make the batter the right consistency. If it's too stiff, dribble in a tad more milk. If it's too thin, add another bit of Bisquik. The oil makes them crispy and helps them not stick even to a non-stick waffle iron. I sometimes add shredded cheese to the batter (they make a great bread accompaniment to chili, for instance) or crumbled bacon (serve with butter and syrup.

        The women I worked with at the time gave me a waffle iron as a wedding gift in 1980. DH and I used to have waffles for dinner once a week or so . . . Ah, the good old days.

        1. Gold Medal Belgium waffle mix is one of the standard mixes used by buffet and breakfast outlets that use the flipover type waffle makers.

          Just add water and it makes a terrific waffle.

          If you can find a source that sells this by the single bag rather than ordering a full case it's worth effort.