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Nov 30, 2004 04:15 PM

Chinese long beans

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I just picked up some beautiful ones. I haven't cooked them in a long time. I can't remember if they need to be blanched before stir-frying or not. I looked at some recipies on-line and they have differing opinions. Any good tips out there?

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  1. You don't have to blanch them but doing so will greatly reduce their cooking time for stir frying. I blanch mine for just a minute, literally any longer and they can overcook and be too limp. I have cooked them without blanching and I just found they take too long to become tender in the pan.

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      I live in Chinatown and am addicted to these. They don't need parboiling. I sautee them with garlic or shallots and many splashes of Nam pla (fish sauce) which gives them a smoky saltiness. Cook till they get almost blackened. We could eat a whole pan of them.

    2. One calorie-unconscious and delicious way to cook the long beans is to deep fry them. Make sure they are absolutely dry before placing in just enough hot oil to immerse them. Fry till blisters begin to appear. Drain and blot them with paper towels. Prepare your sauce ingredients, stir the beans in, heat briefly.

      1. I've used them, cutup, in stir frys without blanching them and they worked fine. Didn't take too long to cook either.