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Nov 30, 2004 12:12 PM

Help - home renovation = need for crockpot recipes

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Hello -
Long and short of it is I have been without an oven/stove since Memorial Day. I was doing okay with the grill until the cold weather hit and now I'm jonesing for soup/stew/chili/anything hot. Last night I bought a crockpot and tried an overnight chili that I just threw together - we'll see tonight how it turns out. Anyone have any resources to recommend for future crocking recipes?


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  1. Pulled Pork. Many different recipes. I can dig up some and send but I'm still working through the different styles and methods. I am preferring the vinegar, non tomato based styles, but using the regular BBQ sauces is an easy and still very good way to go.

    This freezes and reheats well, too.

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      yes I agree.......I even do a brisket that way in the dead of winter....From fancy rub and sauces to simple jarred sauce.....It all comes out great!

    2. Crockpot/slow cooker cooking has been discussed here quite a few times. Do a search on each term and you should find some ideas. Also, in the advanced search option of you can specify crockpot recipes only.

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        Jennie Sheeks

        Check out these recent threads from the last 5 or 6 months about crock pots:

        Cooking with a crockpot is a new adventure for me too. I've found many great recipes & ideas by searching the boards (Google & otherwise) using the words "crockpot" & "slowcooker".

        The thread a little ways down this board on brisket has several preparations that could easily be done in a crock pot. Last weekend I rubbed a brisket in a paste of garlic, chipotle in adobo, roasted dried chiles de arbol and little vegetable oil, let in marinate overnight, then cooked it in the crockpot with a bottle of beer and one sliced onion. Pulled pork done in the crockpot is now a staple at my house. I've also had luck with chicken thighs, cooked either in BBQ sauce or with canned tomatoes and various Mexican spices.

        1. I've read a few recipes for smoked chicken done in a crockpot...involving 1 whole chicken sprinkled with salt & pepper, put it in the crockpot and then pour 1/4 cup liquid smoke over it...cook on low for 8 hours. Has anyone tried this? And, is liquid smoke entirely artifically flavored? Thanks to anyone who thinking of trying it but not if it's just eating a bunch of artificial flavors on a cooked chicken!

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            Liquid smoke is a natural product....At least the brands I use..It is concentrated smoke(usually hickory I think). 1/4 cup sounds like a hell of a lot of liquid smoke to use. I usually just use a tsp to a good amount of sauce to give it flavor.....maybe someone has made it like you have said and they will reply otherwise.....