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Nov 30, 2004 10:59 AM

Oatmeal cookies with dried cherries and dark choc. chunks

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I'd like to make cookies like this for a party (need three dozen). I figured I'd just make the cookie recipe from the oatmeal container and add the other ingredients.

Does anybody out there have an actual recipe? If not, do I have to soften the dried cherries at all before using?

Thanks for any advice--I'm really not much of a baker.


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  1. First off, let me assure you that that combo is a winner! I put the same things in pancakes one AM and it exceeded my expectations on the deliciousness scale.

    I don't have a recipe, but since you are adding more dry ingredients, you might have to compensate w/ more wet or fat. I would try to find an oatmeal cookie recipe w/ choc. chunks and raisins (if not cherries) on or and just sub in cherries for raisins.

    I used dried Bing cherries from TJ's which are about twice as big as a raisin, so I would just give them a rough chop but def. NOT hydrate them in any liquid. If you're considering adding nuts, then I'd suggest pecans. Good luck.

    1. Just throw them in. If the nuts were ground they might change the texture, but things that just sit in cookies as chunks (chocolate chips, nuts, raisins, and so on), can be added to whatever recipe you like. I always rehydrate dried fruit, but not everyone does. You don't have to if the fruit is soft enough to be a pleasant texture - but if you think your cherries might be a bit tough to come across in the middle of your cookies, rehydrate, by all means. I usually use booze for rehydrating, but it seems inappropriate in this case. I would just soften with a bit of hot water if the cherries seem tough.

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        Caitlin McGrath

        I agree that if you just throw your extras into a standard oatmeal cookie recipe, you'll be good to go. But here is a recipe for the specific thing you want to make. If you double it, you'll have plenty of cookies for your event.


        1. These are my all-time favorite cookies. The combination of chocolate, toffee, and cherries is delicious. When I can find them, I use Skor bars instead of toffee chips and they come out even better.


          1. I'm almost embarrassed to say this, because I'm not a big fan of her, but has some really good choc. chip cookie recipes. I often adapt the soft & chewy cookie recipe by adding dried cherries, white chocolate chips, pecans & a pinch of cinnamon. The cherries act like raisins & so you don't need to soak them or anything...