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Nov 29, 2004 08:16 PM

Let's talk Hot Sauce....

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How about a list of say 3 or more of your favorite hot sauces, (or any other spicy condiments)and your favorite uses of them. Here's a few of mine:

Frank's Red Hot - Buffalo wings

El Yucateco Chipotle - mix in mayo for sandwiches and in braised dishes that also include tomato
El Yucateco Habanero(green) - in braises with no tomato

Suong Ot Sriracha - added to Chinese take-out

Tabasco Jalapeno - sprinkled on fried (breaded) seafood

any other recommendations out there?

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  1. Inner Beauty Real Hot Sauce - on chicken or fish

    El Yucateco Habenero Sauce - on sandwiches and just about anything mexican

    Hot Buns on the Beach - I know I know, in fact, because of the stupid name and label I did not order this stuff from the catalogs I get in spite of the interesting write up. But one day I found myself in Heaven on Seventh in Chicago with bread and a table full of hot sauces in front of me and this was the best one there.

    Locally - we have a restaurant here in Pittsburgh (Fat Heads) that sells "Caribbean Killer" sauce which I must always have a jar of. I make a sauce out of it adding peppers and onions and top turkey or boca burgers with it.

    Finally any decent hot sauce on potatoes, fried, baked, boiled, microwaved.........

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      After years of multiple partners, I have finally settled down in a monogamous relationship with Lottie('s), the scotch bonnet/ mustard variety. I find she satisifies all my craving for heat, and has a wonderful personality to boot. I have cleaned out my hot sauce cabinet in the kitchen, much to my wife's approval. I will occasionally cook with Cajun Chef Green Sauce, but it is nothing serious, just a mere dalliance.

      1. re: Aimee

        What is your current source for Inner Beauty Real Hot??
        I need some (it's my favourite) and can't find it anywhere.

        1. re: cap

          The Strip District in Pittsburgh - Pennsylvania Macaroni Company has recenlty added a shelf of hot sauces including Inner B. - unfortunately not listed on their web site for sale. Prior to this I relied on mail order:

          I have ordered from both of these catalogs with good results.

          1. re: Aimee

            Thanks. I'll try firegirl I guess.
            Last time I tried mohotta they said the IB had been on backorder so long that they no longer carried it.

      2. Marie Sharp's Fiery Hot on everything.

        1. Stubb's Wicked Wing Inferno, on everything.


          1. Frank's Red Hot is definitely the old standby for just about anything. Always have a bottle in my fridge. Love dipping fresh popped popcorn in a little Franks.

            Melinda's XXXXtra Hot Reserve - a few drops on a tortilla chip, Triscut, etc. Also, I add it with olive oil, cayenne pepper, salt, pepper and garlic to my roasted potatoes. And also to scrambled eggs if I don't have any fresh habaneros.

            Tabasco Chipotle - nice addition to burritos, tacos, etc.

            1. my standbys:

              Tabasco: on eggs, pizza, some pasta dishes, chicken, really anything. my all-purpose hot sauce.

              El Yucateco Habenero: on rice and beans, burritos, other mexican or southwestern food. goes particularly well with sour cream.

              Sriracha: on sandwiches, asian dishes, a must for spicy tuna when making sushi. Goes particularly well with mayo.

              These are all, to me, condiments usually used on finished dishes. For cooking, I generally use dried Italian pepperoncini (in pastas, with sauteed vegetables, on pizza), chinese chili-garlic paste (for fried rice, other stir-frys), and cayenne pepper (for almost everything else).