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Nov 29, 2004 05:19 PM

London Broil okay to stir-fry?

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Bought a bunch on sale and am getting tired of eating it as a slab o' meat. I know some cuts are better for certain types of cooking and was wondering if this would turn out okay as an oyster sauce beef or something like it, or if it would get too tough.

Thanks for enlightening my ignorance!

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  1. What actual cut is it? (See the thread below on London Broil not being a cut.) Assuming it is one of the usual suspects (shoulder or round or even flank), then it will be tough. Either grill/saute whole to no more than medium rare or braise, and cut against the grain on a bias to increase tender mouthfeel and reduce chewiness.

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      Correction: it seems that thread disappeared....

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        It's there. It's just in a thread about Niman Ranch meats, so it's a little hidden:

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        It's top round. I'll be trying some of the suggestions above, thanks!

      3. I think that the cut will be just fine. But you will need to slice it thin and aganist the grain. You may also need to marnidae it first also.

        Cook it quick and it should be tender enough. I have use a London broil for stir fry before and it was fine. But then again London Broil is may not be the same cut everywhere.

        Like a local market has a Diamond Jim Roast and no one else makes the same roast.

        Good Luck

        1. Marinate the sliced beef in a mixture of soy, black pepper, sesame oil, fresh minced ginger and garlic (optional)...Maybe an hour.

          Then mix corn starch and the white of an egg (beaten) and place the marinated strips of beef in this coating. The corn starch mixture (coating) keeps the meat moist while you stir fry it.

          Do the protein mix separately from the veggies....take the meat out fast (cook only 1/2 way) and then do your veggies (cook only 1/2 way) then put both back together with your oyster sauce mixture just till it thickens.

          Excellent Chinese cook book is Jim Lee's Chinese Cook Book... Very old and very reasonable. Addresses all the basic Cantonese dishes...easy to follow.

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            Thanks for this msg--it reminds me of how my mom used to prepare flank steak for stir fry--cornstarch, egg, sugar & soy sauce. I had forgotten all about that!

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              How beaten is the egg white - until merengue-like?

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                No..sorry. Not to a meringue. No, all you have to do is whip it up jsut a bit and stir it into the cornstarch - it will all turn into a white paste.

            2. It would get tough if you stir fried it or braised it. But, that doesn't mean you can't use the sauce and mix it in with stir fry veggies.

              For good tenderness without marinating the London Broil, I just slice off about a 2" thick steak and sear it on one side for about a minute, turn it over, cover it, sear it on the other side while soon taking the pan off the heat completely and keeping the cover on. In about two minutes, it's done medium rare.

              In those two minutes, you can stir fry the veggies. Then slice up the meat and put it in with the sauce and veggies, stir off the heat, and serve.

              This can be particularly tender if it is a top round "London Broil" .

              1. I found kiwis to be the most wonderful beef tenderizer, for stir fries and bulgogis. Just remember to decrease the amount of sugar/sweetener in the sauce if you didn't remove all the kiwis.