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Nov 29, 2004 04:25 PM

A Really Good Cookie Recipe.....

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These were published last year in Sunset Magazine--they are *delicious* (and I am not a coconut fan).

I am going to a cookie exchange and am looking for a couple more unusually good cookie recipes, does anyone have a recipe they would also like to share?


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    Caitlin Wheeler

    I love the Pfeffernusse and the Chocolate Bourbon Balls from Dede Wilson's the Baker's Field Guide to Christmas Cookies.

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    1. re: Caitlin Wheeler
      Jane Hathaway

      I took your advice and bought this book. Thank you for the recommendation. I've had my nose in it off and on all weekend and it's really helped me formulate my baking strategy for the year. I am actually going to make the Pfeffernuse tomorrow.

      1. re: Jane Hathaway
        Caitlin Wheeler

        Oh, I hope you like them! They are a bit dry, which enhances their keeping power, but not rock hard and excellent for dunking!

      2. re: Caitlin Wheeler

        What's in the Pfefferneusse. Is it Sweedish?
        Thanks for the rec .I'm going to check out Wilsons' book.

        1. re: scottso

          Note - bad ones can be really, really, really dry! They usually look like small, round balls with a flat bottom and a white, powdery coating. They are available commercially most anywhere that sells German gingerbreads (Lebkuchen).


          Definition: [FEHF-fuhr-noos] Traditionally served at Christmastime, pfeffernüesse (German for "peppernuts") are very popular in many European countries. Scandinavians call the cookies pepperkaker in Norway, pepparnotter in Sweden and pebernodder in Denmark. These tiny ball-shaped cookies are full of spices such as cinnamon, cardamom, ginger and the ingredient for which they're named--black pepper.


          1. re: scottso
            Caitlin Wheeler

            Unfortunately I have the book at home, where I am not, but the Pfeffernusse have finely ground almonds and candied peel and are flavored with cardamom.

        2. I love these cookies also. They taste great, but sometimes I have a problem with them not spreading enough. Do you have this problem or know why it happens? Thanks!

          Below is a recipe that I want to try, but haven't had the time yet.


          1. I use the thick and chewy chocolate chip cookie recipe from Cooks as the basis for the best chewy walnut cookies ever. I don't have the recipe here, but maybe you have access to the Cooks Illustrated site? If not, email me, and I'll bring it in tomorrow. Here are the changes - replace the brown sugar with dark brown sugar. Replace the chocolate chunks with toasted walnut halves. Cut the vanilla in half and add one teaspoon natural walnut flavoring (I think I use Frontier.) If you like nutty/chewy things, these are really good.

            I also have a chocolate chocolate chip butter ball cookie recipe from Gourmet (years ago) that I've made with added dried cherries. I dip the finished balls halfway in dark chocolate. Again, I can bring this in for you - just email me.

            1. Here is a link to a really good cookie book. Not holiday or anything but a really good book.
              Also Gourmet has a recipe for a holiday cookie with all kinds of other ways to make it. It is a very nice reipe.

              The gourmet recipe, go to and search for basic butter cookie. It was a Gourmet recipe from Dec 1995.

              Good luck