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Nov 29, 2004 10:00 AM

Fresh Ham Report

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I had VERY GOOD RESULTS with my fresh ham, which was purchased as an afterthought and in addition to a brined smoked turkey and a brined deep fried turkey.

Thanks to Karl S., Iliane, Chuck, JLawrence, and Candy for the help. I used a combo of methods, with Chuck's rec (Roman) coarse black pepper, kosher salt, and rosemary, except that I started at +500 degrees then turned my oven down to 325 for 5 hours (a 10 lb ham). I scored the outside in a diamond shape and rubbed the mixture into it.

Good god - the skin was perfectly crispy - when it came out of the oven people were fighting over the cracklings. I don't usually like "pork skins," but I do now. Duing roasting, I set the ham atop a bed of celery and carrots, then added potatoes for the last hour. I used the defattened drippings and cuisinarted the vegetables to make a horseradish veloute. The potatoes were awesome.

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  1. Glad to hear it came out well. I may do the as Karl suggested, the shank half for Christmas. It is the bestpork roast going and if enough of us start demanding them from our grocers maybe they will be more commonly stocked and not a special order item.

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      Please someone help me?? My Sister invited us over to her house a few years ago for Christmas dinner and she made a Fresh Baked Stuffed Ham,it was hot & very spicey.I usually never eat spicey foods but her ham was the best I have ever had,the problem is,she wont give out her recipe to anyone.I have been searching for a similar recipe so that I can make it for my Family and I cant find a recipe for it anywhere! Can soneone please help me?I would really love to make one this year!

      Thank You!
      Carla =)