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Nov 28, 2004 04:35 PM

request: polenta and chocolate cake or other dessert

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I love the grainy, nutty texture of polenta (cornmeal) in desserts, and would be interested in making something that pairs polenta and chocolate - a cake, or cookies, or anything, in fact!

The only recipes I have seen require eight or so egg yolks, which freaks me out a bit - does anyone know what happens if I substitute a whole egg for every two yolks? I don't mind using a lot of chocolate, or butter, but since I usually don't like eating the yolks in general (I find them too heavy and rich) recipes requiring large numbers of them make me uneasy.

Many thanks...

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  1. Egg yolks and egg whites act in very different ways. Egg yolks act as an emulsifier and tenderizer, and therefore affect the texture of a baked product. Yolks contain lecithin, which serves to absorb fat; egg whites have a drying effect on the finished product. How to determine whether or not any sort of substitution will work depends on the instrinsic nature of each of the other ingredients in the recipe and the method by which they are combined. So the recipe you're referring to would have to be evaluated as a whole.

    If you Google for cornmeal cake recipes, you will find some that use whole eggs. Maybe you can finish it with a chocolate ganache or whatever chocolate craving suits you? There are also many cornmeal biscotti recipes that you can dip in chocolate to finish, and other Italian cookies that use cornmeal as a main ingredient. Don't give up - I'm sure you'll find something delicious!