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re: "Egg mounds" from "What's My Craving" Board

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Originally posted by mrschow on What's My Craving - not yet reposted here but I wanted to respond...original post is below my comments:

Sounds to me like you ate basically...scrambled eggs, as you said, just fashioned in a fancy way.

A common method for "french-style" scramblies is to push the eggs back and forth or swirl them in the pan rapidly to build up the "layers" for a fluffy effect...

Possibly, the eggs contained cream or creme fraiche, or some other richening agent that probably made them taste more special or perhaps sety up faster.

I'll bet the guy in the window had a lot of practice, but you can probably get a similar effect with a hot non-stick pan!

If anyone else has any info, please post!

ORIGINAL POST by mrschow:

Back in 1948 my parents took me to Times Square in New York City. There was a short order restaurant that featured the cook in the window cooking eggs. It was a wonderful display!

The cook put what looked like beaten eggs on the grill and stirred them rapidly with a fork. In seconds the eggs formed a mound around the fork, about the height of the tines. He placed the mound in a plate and removed the fork.

We had those egg mounds several times during our visit. They tasted like scrambled eggs.

Ever since, I have looked for recipes and tried various methods, but I have never been able to make egg mounds.

Do you have any information about this interesting cooking technique?

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  1. Can't answer your question but...what the heck is the "What's your craving" board?

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      The "What's my Craving BOard" is a subset of the NY boards.
      It only applies to NYC places and desires.

      It's normally hidden from us country folk.

      Link: http://www.chowhound.com/boards/crave...