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Nov 27, 2004 07:10 PM

Smoking with cherrywood

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I use hickory for beef, apple for pork. I just got a bunch of cherry. I love the smell of it. What are the best things to use cherrywood for?

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    Eldon Kreider

    Cherry produces smoke of similar flavor and intensity to apple, so it works well on anything where apple works. I give cherry an edge over apple for chicken and most fish. Wild salmon grilled with indirect heat and some cherry wood on the charcoal is one of our summer delights.

    1. Debark it 1st and make sure it is split and dry, then use it for hot smoking Beef and Bison or cold smoking salmon.
      Creosote and tars are you enemy with any wood. It is always best to get the wood well lit and becomming coals before adding the meat.