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Nov 26, 2004 02:12 PM

Seeking chowrecipe for Mushroom tea sandwiches

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I have searched for, but cannot find, a recipe posted on General Topics some time ago. The poster was hosting a shower and I think the recipe called for sauteed mushrooms on buttered white bread, to be made ahead, which would be quite handy for my upcoming to-do. Other make-ahead sandwiches also appreciated!

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  1. I use a recipe very like the one linked below for a Mushroom-Almond pate. It could easily be spread on little breads as a canape. I'd probably use a whole grained bread, myself.

    Other make-ahead sandwiches: egg salad with watercress, cream cheese with cucumber, cream cheese on date-nut bread, cream cheese with smoked salmon, ham salad, liver pate.

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