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Nov 26, 2004 10:15 AM

Leftover Rib Eye Roast -- Ideas Anyone?

  • k

I have two bones (about four pounds!) of leftover, rare, bone-in rib eye roast. Any ideas for creative uses for dinner? I was thinking about beef stroganoff, but I am open to other ideas.

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  1. Thai (or Vietnamese?) beef salad.... yum!

    1. Maybe Shepherd's Pie? (Originally made from leftover roast mutton or beef, though now there are a gazillion variations of this peasant dish!) Do you also have any leftover potatoes for the topping?

      1. s
        Steve Harrington

        Bone-in rib eye is a great candidate for reheating. Pre-heat the oven to 350, tightly seal one rib in a small aluminum foil tent and heat directly on the rack. After 25-30 minutes, remove the package, unseal and check for temperature: You want to re-heat the meat to a satisfying eating temperature while rendering some of the residual fat. Re-seal the package and heat some more if necessary. Don't over-bake. Let the meat stand a bit when you're finished.

        The end result should be as tasty as day one. Serve with left-over veggies, potatoes and so-on.

        Anything left over should be sliced thinly, re-heated in a foil package, and used as the core of a great Philly-style cheese steak.

        1. Phily-Steak sandwiches!

          1. I slice left over Rib Roast very thin and make french dip sandwich's. I usually use french onion soup for the dip. For some reason left over rib roast does not taste good to me. Slice with electric knife or slicer.