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Nov 25, 2004 02:23 PM

Cocoa Powder Question

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Hi All --

I'm looking for a dessert recipe that I can make for a dinner party where two people have ingredient limitations (one is wheat free, and the other doesn't eat dairy). I also want the dessert to be cakelike, or something that can have a candle on it (i.e. no sorbets), as it's for a birthday. I think the recipe linked below for Flourless Chocolate Cake will work, but had a question about cocoa powder -- does it contain flour or gluten?

I'm also open to suggestions other than the flourless chocolate cake if you have any. Thanks!


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  1. No gluten and I just checked my Sharffen Berger cocoa and Hershey's they are pure 100% cocoa. I also have a brand called Saco which is a blended cocoa, dutched and recular. It does not list any ingredients.

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      If you need butter flavor can't you use butter flavoring? Just use a quality brand.

    2. Great choice. That's exactly what I would have suggested. No, cocoa doesn't contain gluten.

      You'll have to sub non-dairy margarine (look for "pareve" on the label) for the butter, though. A minor reduction in flavour, but nothing that you can't live with. Serve with a raspberry coulis and, perhaps, some whipped cream for those who can have dairy.

      1. Great choice, D. Just check the chocolate you plan to use. It's unlikely to have wheat in it, but could have dairy . . . .

        1. Thanks for the feedback, everyone. I'm going to go ahead with the flourless chocolate cake :-)