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Nov 25, 2004 10:23 AM

The Leftover Gourmet: Secrets Of Hyperdelicious Reheating

Now available in the ChowMarket:

"The Leftover Gourmet: Secrets Of Hyperdelicious Reheating"

Jim Leff's radical new approach to reheating leftovers raises this most pedestrian of cooking tasks to the level of high art (and yields results that can exceed the original meal). This report includes "The Ten Commandments Of Hyperdelicious Leftovers" and advice for that difficult post-Thanksgiving period.

Also newly available: "A Chowhound in Tokyo"
A 36 page paean to the chowhounding paradise of Tokyo, in which Leff offers an impassioned, evocative, and humorous look at lesser known parts of the Japanese chow spectrum. Essential for anyone headed to Tokyo, via airplane or armchair.

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  1. this couldn't be timelier.

    we've just gorged ourselves on the best turkey i've ever eaten ... thanks to chowhound, i was hip to brining and even hipper to lay bacon over the roasting turkey.

    succulent wonderfulness.

    tips what to with the alarmingly large quantity of left over meat is exactly what i need.