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Nov 25, 2004 08:58 AM

recipes for porcinis

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A friend just came back from a successful mushroom foraging trip and gave me a quart of tried porcinis. I've searched and found some recipes that sound good, but would really like to learn some from people here who can vouch for some recipes they've tried or tasted.


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  1. f

    With fresh porcinis, you can make a really awesome risotto. Saute the porcinis in butter with shallots, add rice and cook the rice a bit, add some white wine and cook it off, then start adding chicken broth using the normal risotto method. At the end, beat in 2 T of softened butter along with some freshly grated parmigiano reggiano. Sprinkle with minced parsley and, if you have it, drizzle with some white truffle oil. Heaven.

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      Risotto's a great way to use up both fresh and dried porcini... soaked the dried in some hot broth/water, used the soaking water in the risotto (As well as the mushrooms, of course), such a rich flavour only porcini can provide.

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      Joan Kureczka

      I just got done roasting a bunch of fresh ones for an antipasto plate.

      Clean them up, cut into pieces (about the size of a small brown mushroom or half that), put into a covered baking dish with some fresh thyme, a splash of white wine or marsala, salt, pepper and some olive oil. Bake covered for 20 minutes in a very hot over (over 450) and then uncover and bake another 20 minutes. Stir them up and adjust the seasoning once they cool a little with additional salt and pepper or even a splash of balsamic vinegar. Serve warm or room temperature.

      1. Mushroom pasta,

        this works well with dried or fresh. Basically sautee a few softened shallots and garlic (to your taste), in olive oil and butter. Add the sliced mushrooms, season and continue sauteeing. If the mushrooms are fresh, don't cook too long. Make a batch of tagliatelle, and mix the mushrooms with the pasta. Serve with lots of freshly grated parmesan.

        This can end up being quite a dry dish, depending on how much you cook the mushrooms, but it still tates delicious.

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          One way to prevent the dryness of the sauce is to remove the mushrooms from the pan after they are sauteed and deglaze the pan with a cup or so of chicken stock, then add maybe 1/2 cup heavy cream and a smidgen of lemon juice, bring it to the boil and then add the mushrooms back to the pan. Then add in the pasta.

        2. I am a forger as well, and found some realy nice ones today.

          I make a carpachio with them, slice them very thin, drizzle with olive oil, a bit of lemon and some parm.

          I dry the ones I can not eat in time and use them after the season is gone.

          1. Abundant porcinis? You are *so* lucky. I am so envious. Risotto or pasta are the way to go.

            Or, you could slice them, saute them in butter, searing briefly, then sprinkle with parsley, and eat them All By Themselves.