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Nov 24, 2004 02:10 PM

homemade marshmellow, worth the effort?

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I read this recipe in the Dec. issue of Living that is of peppermint swirl marshmellows. They look so lovely, I'd like to include them in my give-away goodie box this year.

In general I don't even like marshmellows, the store bought kind are just sweet and spongy, sort of boreing. Will the home-made kind be totally different?

Also, got to give a plug for the magazine. This issue is fantastic, full of great recipe and useful xmas tips. It's not half filled with antique or garden stuff that I ususally skip :)

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  1. Marshmallows are very sweet no matter what, but the homemade ones are meltingly tender and you can flavor them rather intensely. Every time I've made them, they've been a huge hit, even among people who aren't crazy about marshmallows. I've done peppermint and coconut flavored ones. They're really very easy, so I would definitely recommend doing them.

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      Do you have a recipe you could share? The reviews are so mixed I'd like to start with a recipe that is tried and true.

    2. Wendy -

      If you want to experience "homemade" marshmallows before deciding to make a commitment, Michael Recchiuti sells them at the Ferry Plaza store.

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        Whole Foods has them as well.

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          Both are very good. I liked Michael's the best, his are more vanilla-y.

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          Citizen Cake makes theirs with vanilla bean and honey and they are to die for babay, o yeah.

          homemade marshmallows are really fun and interesting. it is so neat to make them at home. store bought ones are not made with the same ingredients, so they remain very different from eachother.

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            What/where is the Ferry Plaza store please?

          2. In a word: YES! I've eaten them once from a friend, and they are amazing! Take into account that I am a store-bought marshmallow fan and have been known to get into a s'mores phase from time to time.

            I love how the homemade ones are big square confections, so whimsical and evocative of childhood. They fall into the category of Rice Crispy treats for me, which you could actually make using homemade marshmallows--although why waste your hard work? Eat them straight, dipped in chocolate, in a s'more, or capped on a frothy hot chocolate or egg nog. They would be great as part of a gift basket. In fact, you might get hounded to do this every year.

            Peppermint swirl sounds like it could be complicated, so check Martha's site for a basic recipe (I know she has done this before). Please report back if you try this.

            1. A dissenting opinion: No! Not worth it!
              I made them for a summer feast this year. Perhaps it was the recipe, but they tasted identical to the ones I get at the store, but were too mushy to put on a stick. Cool idea, I thought, but -- eh.

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                Do you live someplace humid? They really need to dry out well. If it's raining when I make them I have to sit them in front of a running fan for a day or two to make sure they're dry on the outside and not sticky.

                There are a number of recipes, but this is the one I use. I find that the homemade ones don't have the chemical aftertaste of the bagged ones.

                They always go like wildfire.