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Nov 24, 2004 01:18 PM

Jerusalem Artichokes

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I went to the greenmarket today (NYC Union Square) with most of my Thanksgiving dishes planned, but a couple of spots (a soup and/or side) left open for whatever looked good. Wow! Everything was so gorgeous that I quickly became overwhelmed. There was a bumper crop of jerusalem artichokes so I got a couple of pounds of those, because they were beautiful and because I've never had them before.

So I'm wondering whether anyone has recommendations. The flavor is very delicate. Soup recipes I've seen call for chicken stock and cream, but I'm wondering whether that will overpower the flavor. Has anyone tried slow-cooking them in the oven first before making a purée or soup? Does that help intensify the flavor? Any other suggestions for side dishes?


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  1. I recently had the same experience--I'd walked past them for years, then suddenly bought a whole big bag of them.

    After tasting them raw, I took a guess. I sliced them thin on a mandolin, layered them with salt, white pepper, and a very small amount of cheese (jarlsburg? something nutty, mild, but swiss-ish), dousted them with cream, then roasted. Wow was it good! I feared that under all that cream, the sunchoke flavor would be lost, but it wasn't. Instead, it was a familiar dish with a new flavor.

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      one season these were my favorite vegetable. I love that they are the root stock of a sunflower.

      you can eat them raw, steamed, roasted, peeled, unpeeled, sauteed. cream/fat of all sorts helps them out, the flavor has that much more something to float on...
      and they are much less trouble than artichokes.