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Nov 24, 2004 10:51 AM

Crudite Dip for Veggies in Turkey Shape

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Please help...I lost the recipe for this cute crudite which included a dip that was refrigerated overnight in small bowl and then turned out to make the body of the turkey. The rest of the "turkey" was assorted veggies displayed as feathers, etc. I can wing it on making the veggie turkey feathers, etc. but I need a sturdy dip that will stand on its own when turned out of the bowl. ANy suggestions?

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  1. my brother made this for a party a few years ago... I had a photo of his "turkey" and even copied it once but now I can't find the photo to work from again ... did you get any responses to your query? do you have a photo?

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    1. re: Sandy Adas

      I have been searching everywhere for this recipe for a Turkey shaped crudite platter. Any suggestions as to where to look?

    2. hey I found it after all. email me if you'd like a copy of the photo

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      1. re: Sandy Adas

        am new to this site but would like a copy of the turkey crudite photo and recipe thank you

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          Hi! I was googling turkey and crutide and this came up and I was wondering if I could please have the picture. I would soooo much appreciate it. Thank you for your time. :-)

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            Hi! I am also new to this site, but would love to get this picture & recipe for this week if possible. E-mail: Thanks-Toni

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              Will you please email it to me? Much appreciated!!

              1. re: Sandy Adas

                I realize its 6 years later - but could you please email me a copy of the photo for the crudite dip?

              2. I would like this also. How do I get it?

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                1. Does anyone have the directions for this?