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Nov 24, 2004 10:13 AM

S.O.S. My first turkey (well sort of)

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Okay so it's not a whole turkey, There are only two of us and I knew we couldn't go through a whole bird so I bought a 5lb bone in turkey breast (I was determined
to try the traditional route, last year we had fish tacos) I meant to ask the butcher how to cook it, but the place was absolutley crazy last night. I caught some lady picking items out my cart when I had carelessly left it unattended to go fetch other items.
I was lucky to get out of there with my dinner fixins at all, so I never got the chance to ask how to cook this thing.

I do know how I'm going to prepare it, it's the cooking time and temp I need help on, also covered or uncovered? I have an instant read thermometer so even if you can give me an idea of what the internal temp should be that would help alot.

Maybe I should have stuck to the fish tacos.....

Thanks for your help,

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  1. Nonsense on the fish tacos! You'll have a great meal with turkey breast. Below is the link to some recipes for turkey breast from Epicurious. These should help you out.

    (However, I do love fish tacos. I just meant that you shouldn't be afraid to try something new.)

    Have a great holiday!


    1. Put your turkey breast half in a roasting pan on top of a bed of shopped carrots, onions and celery. Salt and pepper the turkey breast. You might also want to slide your hands gently under the skin to loosen it and then smear the meat under the breast with seasoned butter. For the butter seasoning you could chop up some fresh sage and thyme and work that into the butter. Okay, pan goes into an oven preheated to 350 F. Cover the breast lightly with foli, you don't want the bird to begin browning too soon. You are going to roast the breast half until it reaches 165 F. at the thickest part. About 15 -20 minutes before it is done remove the foil and allow the breast to brown. When it is done remove from the pan and place on a platter and tent loosely with foil again and allow to rest for 20 minutes or so. Strain the juices from the pan and discard the vegetables. Deglaze the pan and add that to the reserved juices. Deglaze with dry vermouth or white wine, water or chicken stock, what ever works for you. Add the juices that have accumulated on the platter from the turkey breast. Now use those juices to make your gravy.

      How long it is going to take to cook depends on the size of the breast, but I'm guessing about an hour.