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Jan 19, 2004 11:25 PM

Great finds of 2003 TOP TEN - please post yours !

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A bit late for 2003 finds but better late than never. I hope some will post as well.

I will mentioned a few that I consider my truly personal great finds - some were already posted by me and others but I mention it again for convenience, not in any order of ranks:

1) Chili Chicken at Priya in Berkeley
2) Bun cha grilled fish at Pho Thien Long in Dynasty Mall in San Jose
3) Pork bun at Binh Minh Tofu in San Jose this is actually in 2004
4) Wonton soup at Gold Medal in Oakland Chinatown
5) Fresh Choice buffet at Bayfair Mall in Hayward
6) Hainam chicken rice at Raffle in Fremont
7) Puff pastry with spiced pork at China Village in Albany
8) Fried tofus and drinks at a recent Vietnamese chowdown sometime in December
9) Thai Temple food especially the chicken rice in Union City
10) Great tortas at La Torta Loca in Oakland

And lastly - Great shabu-shabu at Matsuno in Burlingame

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  1. A great year for eating in the bay area.

    My Top 10 Discoveries of 2003, in no particular order:
    - Radish cake (aka hawker carrot cake), Banana House, Financial District
    - Pollo en salsa verde and pollo asado, La Corneta Taqueria, Mission District
    - Fresh churros, Dominguez Bakery, Mission District
    - True red snapper, Sun Fat Seafood Company, Mission District
    - Great brewpub food, 21st Amendment, SOMA
    - Rochefort #10 and Lambic, Plumpjack Wine Store, Noe Valley
    - Hummus, Leila Cafe, Financial District
    - Double Rainbow Pumpkin Ice Cream
    - Mortadella Sandwich, Massimo del Panino, Financial District
    - Red Savina Chiles, Ferry Plaza Farmer’s Market

    Honorable mentions (outside the bay area)
    - Marionberry scones and sweet potato muffins, Panini Bakery, Newport, OR
    - Pambazo, Cuatro Milpas, Woodland, CA

    The Top 10 Tips that I got from my fellow Chowhounds in 2003:
    - New York pizza, NY Pizzeria, Santa Rosa
    - DF Tortas, La Casita Chilanga, Redwood City
    - U-pick Chandler strawberries, Swanton Farms, Davenport
    - Sausages and Beer, Rosemunde and Toronado, Haight
    - Truffles, XOX Truffles, North Beach
    - Grilled octopus, Pesce, Russian Hill
    - Egg custard tarts, Golden Gate Bakery, Chinatown
    - "Ma la", Sam Lok, Chinatown
    - Dry-style beef chow fun, Young's Cafe, Chinatown
    - Good dim sum, at HKFL, Joy Luck Place, Yank Sing, and other locations that reawakened me to the cuisine after disasterous attempts years ago.

    But perhaps the greatest discovery of all...
    - The knowledge that exploring, chowdowns, and posting, the latter especially, are better learning tools than lurking.


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      Without this board and people unselfishly postings their finds, I would not even have top 5 finds that I listed. Most of those were direct results of the good people at chowhounds here. Kudos to Jim Leff for keeping the site up and finally letting some advertisements get through without biasing the site in anyway in terms of food related things to support this great site. I sure wish the site has a way to put posts that are freshly made under an older post up on top of the pile instead of getting buried way down deep as time goes by. I saw another unrelated forum does it the right way and it works really great.

      1. re: Han Lukito

        >>I sure wish the site has a way to put posts that are freshly made under an older post up on top of the pile instead of getting buried way down deep as time goes by.<<

        Use HotPosts (via link on our home page) to see ONLY recent postings on all boards.

        1. re: The Chowhound Team

          Understand about the hotposts but it will be nice to be able to bump the posts and the whole thread up to the top of the pile automatically when there is a new response. Can you bump this thread in a day or two so more people can respond to their TOP TEN of 2003 ? Once it gets buried, I and probably others are often reluctant to go down that deep.

    2. my top ten, so hard to select but here goes...

      octopus salad @ Yummy Yummy on Irving/SF
      goat curry @ Priya on San Pablo/Berk
      tandoori lamb chops @ Tasty Curry on 9th Ave/SF
      basil tofu&garlic pea shoots @ Jasmine Tea House on Mission/SF
      salmon tacos @ La Corneta on Diamond/SF
      birria @ Los Jarritos on SoVanNess/SF
      bbq eel @ Takara on El Camino/San Bruno
      pork/shrimp rice noodle @ Saigon City on 3rd/San Mateo
      salt and pepper shrimp&baby pig @ ABC Seafood/Foster City
      steamed mussels @ Pacific Cafe on Geary in SF

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      1. re: Deelish

        Two mentions of Priya ! Wonder what else is good there. Hounds ?