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Nov 24, 2004 09:15 AM

Doubling (soup) recipe ?

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Cashew Soup: butter - oil - nuts - shallots - broth - sherry - half and half - whipping cream.
To make twice as much as the recipe calls for is it safe to assume I can double all ingrediants ? Or should I start w/ doubling (or more) the broth, and then less than doubling the butter - half and half - cream, so as not make it SUPER heavy and rich ? I can always add more.....
Help please.

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  1. I'm assuming this is similar to peanut soup, which I will be doubling later on today. If you are worried about its being too rich, I would just go ahead and double and then thin with extra broth as needed. You can always thin; it's harder to go the other way.

    When you are not Thanksgiving crazed, I would love to see a recipe for this cashew soup. Mmm.

    1. If you liked the richness of the original recipe to begin with, then just double and thin out later if you need to as other poster suggested.

      If you want it less rich but exactly double the volume, then I would perhaps sub broth for whipping cream. However, a creamy cashew soup sounds better than a semi-creamy one to me.

      1. Never double the salt. Taste and decide how much to add.