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Nov 23, 2004 11:39 AM

don't toss the crab schmoo

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just bought a live crab this weekend - steamed it for a crab salad that was delicious. the early season crabmeat is very sweet and the crabs are large. after picking the meat - yield of 12-13 oz of meat from a 2.5- 2.75lb crab, there was a nice portion of crab tomalley / roe - maybe 4-5 oz. what to do? made a savory egg custard that was very yummy.....cracked two eggs into an oiled shallow pasta bowl and beat them - added the crab schmoo and topped it off with a bit of chicken stock ( a few ounces ) seasoned with S&P, touch of sesame oil, squeeze of lemon and a touch of soy.....steamed gently until just set.... a shower of scallion & cilantro to finish along with some very hot oil/oyster sauce adornment.

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  1. Back when I had a gas range, I used to invert the shell directly onto the burner, crack an egg into it, toss a few minced green onions, and pour in a bit of soy sauce. Gotta work the spoon all over the nooks and crannies inside to make sure you incorporate all that crabby wonderfulness into the egg as it cooks...

    [I MUST replace that electric cooktop with gas...]

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      nice idea! very resourceful.

    2. Wow--that sounds amazing. Thanks for the idea. My mods would be: put custard into individual ramekins to steam and mix in some fine shards of wood ear mushroom.

      1. When I was younger, my mom would make this delicious blue crab casserole with Korean hot bean paste, soy sauce, ginger, garlic and hot peppers. My favorite was the crab shell. I would first take a chopstick and pierce the membranes to get all of the goo out. Then I would put a spoon of rice in the shell followed by a spoonful of the broth. It was the best. If I saw some extra roe around, I would eat it with the rice, membrane sauce mixture.