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Nov 22, 2004 04:31 PM

Roast chicken - salting??

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I have a roast chicken recipe that calls to salt the chicken. Can anyone telling me what that means? Does it just mean rubbing salt all over it??


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  1. Sprinkle lightly over the skin's surface.

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    1. re: Funwithfood

      And inside the two cavities, fore (just a bit) and aft.

      1. re: Karl S.

        If you have time, season the chicken then lit it sit (uncovered) in your refrigerator. It will help the seasonings penetrate and dry out the skin, which will make it crispier.

    2. I would urge you to use Kosher salt for best results. Available at all major food markets.

      1. yes, just rub every bit of it with salt. Putting some oil on the skin first will help the salt to stick on. Salt will help to dry out the skin and give it that delicious crispy taste. I tend to use a lot, but then, I like my chicken crispy and salty.

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          re: salt

          I made an Eberly turkey Sunday (don't ask). It was beautiful if I do say so. I carved it, looked great, cooked right, juicy. I tasted it and was disappointed. Damn...$33 for a 12 lb turkey and it was just so-so. Moist and good texture but no flavor. So after my husband eats some and says how great it is (always wait to provide a negative review of your own cooking) I tell him my opinion.

          "you're nuts, he says, but I do notice that it's not salty at all and I know how you like salt". LIGHT COMES ON!! I was so carried away w/ making herb butter and rubbing down the chicken and stuffing the herb butter under the skin that I totally forgot to salt it. Makes a HUGE difference in flavor, IMO.