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Nov 22, 2004 03:42 PM

Subbing in maple syrup for sugar in pumpkin pie?

  • j

Does anyone know the ratio of substituting in maple syrup for sugar in pumpkin pies? Is this even a good idea? I like my pumpkin pies to be really spicy (not a big fan of pumpkin flavor) so I usually add way more than any recipe states. My question is will the flavor of my maple syrup that I hand carried back from Canada be washed out in all the spices? And if I decide to tone down the spice, will the maple be "wasted" in the pumpkin pie (maple flavor not stand up to the pumpkin)? Holiday season means we cook for others as much as for ourselves, sometimes more.

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  1. My experience cooking with maple syrup is that it is very very easily overwhelmed by other flavours. In order for it to stand out at all, the other flavours have to be pretty toned back. It sounds to me like this would be a total and utter waste of expensive maple syrup. I usually make my pumpkin pie with honey instead of sugar and it is very good. So using a liquid sweetener is not a problem. Unless you just want to use up maple syrup, I'd save it for another use. For example, you could use it in a pecan or walnut pie instead of corn syrup. That would showcase the maple flavour - and it would complement the nuts nicely too.

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      Caitlin McGrath

      A highly-recommended maple pecan pie recipe...


    2. How about reducing the maple syrup to intensify the flavor then adding it to taste?

      1. j

        Thanks for the feedback, folks. I think I'll save my maple syrup for pancakes the next day and maybe make a maple whipped cream to serve on top of the pie for those who want it. I do think maple flavor is best when it's the sole star of the dish, especially since it's a bit shy when playing with others.

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          I've tried a maple syrup pumpkin pie and didn't find the maple flavour worked with the pumpkin.

          There's an excellent recipe on the Martha Stewart site for a Maple Layer Cake, I make the batter as a Bundt cake. I sprinkle pecans in the bottom of the bundt pan before adding the batter. When it's done I glaze it with maple syrup mixed with butter or a buttermilk glaze using maple sugar instead of regular sugar.

          This cake really has a good maple flavour and satisfies the craving.