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Nov 22, 2004 12:50 PM

Corn Flour what is it?

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I found a recipe for glazed Onions in cider and it calls for corn flour. Being a new cook due to my retirement while my wife still works, I have been trying what I call virtual cooking and trying new recipes that I find on the internet. Please inform me if corn flour is corn meal or corn starch or something entirely different. Oh, if you have any other suggestions for a male who is 61 and starting to cook please pass them along. I really don't what to throw flour on my face as I serve a frozen pizza saying what a hard day I have had, Lover

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  1. corn starch

    1. Lora Brody wrote a very nice little book, The Kitchen Survival Guide. I think you might find it a handy reference to have on hand. I occasionally give it as a closing gift to young clients buying their first home. It is not just about cooking but has all sorts of good tips for kitchen novices.

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        Thanks for the suggestion I will go to my local bookseller and get it.