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Nov 22, 2004 01:58 AM

So nobody has a Waldorf Salad recipe they're proud of?

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Come on folks- help a salad challenged hound out!!! I know I can get the standards off, but I was really hoping someone out there had a truely exceptional recipe.

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  1. This being the week before T-Day, I expect people are actually busy with other things: the boards are typically slow on recipes just before the holiday because of this.

    1. Checked Epicurious, and the Waldorf dressing I usually improvise is an amalgam of what they have - mayo, lemon juice - but I usually use brown sugar instead of white, and add a touch of mustard and walnut oil. Halved, toasted walnuts (pecans would work, too - candied would be dandy), halved grapes, celery, red onion, romaine. It always feels summery to me, though, I suppose because I usually make it for Rosh Hashana (it's sweet).

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        PS. And apples.
        PPS. Some people might like honey in the dressing; I tried that and found it disagreeable. When I added enough to make the dressing sweet, the honey overwhelmed all the other flavors.

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          Marion Cunningham uses applesauce in hers. It adds sweetness without being cloying.

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        pecan pie wife

        This Alton Brown recipe is very good. After the 7th ingredient (the walnuts) all the rest of the ingredients are optional variations (up to the romaine leaves, which are for serving), but each will enhance the salad in different and interesting ways. I'm not that fond of the raisins, but the curry powder and celery are good additions.


        1. I like to leave out the mayo all together, and make a vinaigrette with dijon mustard, reduced cider and walnut oil instead. Sweet and tart apples, toasted walnuts, torn leaves of Italian parsley and minced chives or scallions round out the mix.