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Nov 21, 2004 04:09 PM

heritage turkey

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i am going to pick up a turket on wed. evening in montague, new jersey-
what are your experiences with heritage/heritage type turkeys?

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  1. This is our third year with a Heritage turkey. We consider it worth every penny. In general, we find that the turkey has more turkey flavor than a store bought job; there is more dark meat; the turkey is juicier, etc.

    I have brined mine sucessfully. I also tried that legendary complicated recipe involving ramos gin fizzes. Both were tasty but the fizz recipe requires a lot of dedication. This year, we will just brine.


    1. The skeletal structure of the Heritage bird is slightly different than those big ole supermarket monsters. I can't describe it
      but carving is definately a little different.

      1. we roasted a heritage bird for our early thanksgiving last sunday. it was great. i highly recommend them. see the link below for the full story.