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Nov 21, 2004 03:51 PM

Immersion blender

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Can an immersion (stick) blender be used to whip cream? It just seems like less to assemble and clean than a mixer. Thanks

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  1. I use one of those lightweight coffee "frothers" for whipping small amounts of whipping cream. You could probably use an immersion blender, but just do it at a low speed. Of course, do it in a container with high sides!

    1. I've done it in desperation once, but I won't again if I can help it. Too messy and inconsistent.

      1. I've had great luck whipping small amounts of cream in the beaker that came with the stick blender, using the main blender attachment. I use a sprinkle of sugar, and it whips VERY fast (only a few seconds). I would not try to do it in a bowl unless your blender has a whisk attachment (mine does - that also works, but is fundamentally no different from other kinds of hand mixers).