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Nov 21, 2004 12:44 PM

What to do with lots of leftover butternut squash soup

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I went a little crazy, and made far more than we can eat. Any creative secondary uses for a lot of roasted butternut squash soup (other than giving it away)?

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  1. Why not use it as a base for a pasta sauce? Add some cream, sage and romano cheese.

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      Caitlin McGrath

      Perhaps you could freeze it, to eat when you're in the mood for it again?

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        Freeze in individual portions for quick lunches or snacks. Soup is much easier to bring to work for lunch, for instance, when it's frozen and won't leak all over the place!

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          I've already added a fair amount of evaporated milk. All of the recipes I've seen say "if you're going to freeze, add the cream afterwards". What happens if you freeze a soup with added cream/milk?

          1. re: Caviar

            I've frozen soups with cream or milk before, you do get a weird separated texture thing going on when you defrost it, however, once heated, it all blends in again and tasted fine to me.

        2. add veggies or even chicken, and some curry paste and a little coconut milk, over rice.

          1. I can't say I've tried this before, but your query got my creative juices flowing. What if you reduced the soup til it thickened like a marinara/bechamel sauce and used it in a lasagna? I've certainly seen recipes using roasted sliced butternut; why not as a sauce? Layered w/ zucchini, mushrooms, and perhaps a combo of ricotta/parmesan cheeses sounds delish to me.

            And definitely would recommend the no-cook Barilla lasagne sheets. Scroll down for that thread.

            1. I make a pumpkin based sauce/topping/ragu to put over chilean seabass. You could combine soup, carmelized onion, diced roasted red peppers, sage, and I use cream but you said you put in condensed milk I believe. I broil the fish, then top it with the sauce, sometimes I freshly grate a little parmesan on top and a little fresh sage. This might work depending upon how thick your soup is.