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Nov 20, 2004 08:05 PM

Timpano - main dish for vegetarians

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I offer this as a suggestion for anyone looking for a festive main dish for Thanksgiving. Following what they could see from the movie, "Big Night," San Francisco baker/author Fran Gage (Bread & Chocolate is her book) and her husband came up with lining a 4-qt stainless steel bowl with rolled-out puff pastry. She then puts layers of pre-cooked veggies, mushrooms, roasted chestnuts,onions, garlic and pasta with bechamel sauce then seals the pastry together and bakes it for over an hour. When it's done, you flip it over onto a platter (people usually gasp)and can take this golden pastry dome that has layers of goodness in it to the table.

It's pretty impressive and smells pretty darn good. I make this for a pre-T Day potluck every year (lots of vegetarians in the crowd). It serves 10-12. It is kind of messy because the 'slices' don't hold together. I keep thinking that a bundt pan might work better but have been reluctant to buy one to find out.

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  1. Re your "4-qt stainless steel bowl" - is that one of those nested SS bowls, with a half-round shape? Or is it something else?

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      I bought a standard stainless steel bowl - the nesting type. Butter it before you put the rolled puff pastry in it. The instructions said to divide the pastry in half and overlap it in the bowl, layer in the ingredients (each layer twice, ending in a pasta layer)then fold the pastry over to cover it.

      Put an aluminum foil cover on it, removing it 20 minutes before the end to brown it.