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Nov 19, 2004 07:40 PM

Sweet Potato Biscuits...

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I have had sweet potato biscuits on my "to make" list for a couple years now.

If anyone has made them, do they taste better than regular biscuits (for Thanksgiving)?

Also, if anyone has a particularly good recipe for sweet potato (or other) biscuits, I would really appreciate it :)

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    Eileen H. Kramer/Roanna

    Sweet potato biscuits do taste better than regular biscuits. They are slightly sweet and stay moister/keep better. They are a nice yellow-orange color too. To me, they are a great way to deal with leftover or extra sweet potatoes. I've never used canned to make sweet potato biscuits.

    I use the Settlement Cookbook recipe, but there is probably one just as good in the Joy of Cooking or any other standard cookbook.

    Though I'm partial to yeast rolls at Thanksgiving, there's no reason why sweet potato biscuits would not be good.

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      I just made some from the Cooks' Illustrated cookbook, "The Quick Recipe" and they were wonderful and fast. And not much fat too, to my surprise. They call for 3/4 cream but that's it in terms of fat.

    2. Your question prompted me to make sweet potato biscuits this morning. Had 'em drizzled with honey and oh boy were they good! I made the Joy of Cooking recipe, to which I would make the following alteration: the recipe instructs the baker to roll or pat out to 1/2 inch. Nutty. They don't rise enough for this to work optimally. I'd suggest drop bisuits or 2" thick cut biscuits. They are truly wonderful, though. I can see eating them with stew, turkey, chicken, pork, whatever....