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Nov 19, 2004 05:45 PM

smaller blender container

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I've seen small (~1 cup) attachments that are just like the normal body of a blender, except smaller -- they thread in to the base just like the usual larger glass part. I have never been able to find one in a store or online (I admit my source is the one my parents got for their wedding 35 years ago). Does anyone know where to purchase such a thing?

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  1. Oster made them and I don't know if they are available any more. I had an Oster that was a combination machine that had both a stand mixer and blender that came with those little jars about 30 years ago. They also had a jar lid top so you could store stuff in them.

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      Thank you!! I just bought a small oster blender jar, and so all I need is for it to fit my black & decker blender (black and decker seems not to sell much in the way of separate parts).