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Nov 19, 2004 11:17 AM

Pickled Jalapenos

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I need to make something tomorrow that requires large, whole, pickled jalapenos. Big enough to put a large shrimp and some cheese inside. I don't want to use fresh b/c it needs that pickled flavor (and of course, I don't have time to pickle).

Does anyone know a brand name that I could look for? I'm in Austin Texas, if that matters.

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  1. k
    King of Northern Blvd.

    I always use the La Morena brand, although don't know if they have Whole Pickled jalapeno's.

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    1. re: King of Northern Blvd.

      Any mexican market carries whole Jalapenos in escabeche. If you need really big ones, go to a tacquria and ask to pick through their stash.

    2. You can pickle peppers in about 15 minutes. Of course they are better if they sit a day or two. I like to char mine and simmer in a salty cider vinegar brine - add lots of garlic, white onions, bay, black pepper, allspice and good olive oil.

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      1. re: paul

        Thanks everyone - I did char fresh japs in a vinegar brine. Currently, they are in the fridge with a shrimp and strong french feta inside, wrapped in a thin slice of good bacon. They will go on the grill tomorrow during my volleyball tournament!

      2. I'll second the motion for La Morena - they do sell whole ones 'Jalpenos En Escabeche' I find them to be the most consistant/best quality. They come in an orange can.